Acer athlon aspire l100 manual

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Livré avec clavier et souris, disposant de sorties VGA et DVI, d’une suite logicielle bien fournie, le L100 permettra aux débutants d’envisager l’informatique en toute sérénité.

Acer BIOS Updates downloads for your motherboard - Page 2.0.

Cet appareil chauffe énormément la clé USB ressort brulante; idem pour les CD.

<strong>ACER</strong> <strong>ASPIRE</strong> <strong>L100</strong> USER <strong>MANUAL</strong> Pdf Download. - ManualsLib

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Compartiment CD de type mange-disque des années 70.

ACER ASPIRE L100 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. - ManualsLib

Monday night I shut down my l100 and tuesday when I whent to srart it up "DEAD". I checked my power cord its fine and also checked power just inside acer it was hot also so I have a good connection? Ive had the same problem died on me and wont switch on but I found itas a different capacitor on the board same value as the one mentioned I replaced the 1st one and stikk didnt work so replaced the 2nd & 3rd cap as they looked swollen and it worked, I couldnt find a 6.3 1000uf so I used 63v 1000uf slightly larger but fitted ok, I dont know if it was the 2nd or 3rd cap that was faulty as I replaced both at the same time.

Acer athlon aspire l100 manual:

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