Agilent 1100 pump user manual

Agilent 1100 firmware pump troubleshooting

Our piston seals are constructed of PTFE material with an additive that reduces their tendency to “cold flow” and improves their wear characteristics.

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PTFE seals are more resistant to any HPLC solvent than UHMWPE seals, but they are less wear-resistant and rugged. ASI subjects each valve to a rorous series of tests, including self-priming capability, which means you typiy won’t need a syringe or draw-off valves to prime your pump.

<i>Agilent</i> 1260 Infinity <i>Pump</i>

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Buffer salts and metals from the HPLC system become imbedded on the surface of the piston seal and gradually wear the surface of the piston rod.

Agilent 1100 firmware index detector

Worn regions on the rod will quickly destroy the pump seals.

Agilent 1100 pump user manual:

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