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It has become fashionable in some “Safe Canning s” to slag all manuals that come with all pressure canners. In the category of “a little knowledge can be misleading”, the experts who actually know feel differently.

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When asked what she feels about the Presto manuals, Elizabeth Andress, head of the National Center for Home Food preservation said: I will say that I do know that Presto has current home economics expertise on staff and really supports their home canning efforts really well and they really want to stay in line with USDA and come up with the rht thermal processing before they add anything new to their recommendations so to me that’s a good sn there.

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It has become increasingly difficult to find on staff expertise that really knows and understands home canning with some of the other even major manufacturers so that mht raise a little red flag there with you for some of the others that have now been reorganized and changed a little bit about how they do things.” Note as well where the Presto water bath canning recipes come from: they give the credit of, “Recipes provided by Jarden Home Brands, marketers of Ball® Fresh Preserving Products.” The pressure canning directions come from the USDA 2009 Complete Guide.

Presto ® 16 Qt. Pressure Canner Instruction Manual

[Note: Presto does leave out some of the raw pack and 5lb choices for fruit — but that’s a quality judgement that some others make, too.] If there’s a problem with the Ball and USDA recipes that Presto reprints, then we are all in a lot of trouble.

Presto 17 quart pressure cooker manual:

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