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New healthcare devices on the horizon Smart pens Smart keyboards Personal digital assistants Handheld PCs/subnotebooks Wearable PCs Smart phones/pagers PC-free online workstations Other useful on-the-go gizmos Unless you're a closet Luddite at heart, you're probably as fascinated by the technological advancements this world has witnessed in the last 50 years as the next person.

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How could any of us walk through life as conveniently without our microwave ovens, electronic garage door openers, cellular telephones and personal computers?

<em>Handspring</em> <em>Visor</em> Pro Review - PalmInfocenter

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Still, as we technically approach the dawn of the 21st Century, the momentum of technological development is racing along at Autobahn speed. A decade ago, endoscopy and its minimally invasive surgery offspring were only starting to gain steam on the road to revolutionize surgical procedures.

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Electronic commerce amounted to a single desktop computer that was directly linked to a single supplier.

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