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was hosted by Just Passing Through LLC in Las Vegas from April 19–21, 2002. Frequency analysis indicated this wasn't just a plain cryptogram, and it didn't have any word breaks that would make it easier to decode.

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The data file was a PDF with a long piece of coded ciphertext.

<strong>Handspring</strong> <strong>Visor</strong> Edge <strong>Neo</strong> and <strong>Handspring</strong> Treo

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The music wasn't complete—pieces were missing from the ends of the songs.

The LG G5's modules are a neat idea, but they won't matter Page 2.

From 19–21 April, 2002, I participated in the Jackpot Game in Las Vegas, hosted by Just Passing Through, LLC. However, in Jackpot we were required to take the name of a mineral, so we went as the Asbestos Family. The music files were from an album ed "Jackpot: The Las Vegas Story"—lounge music, mostly.

Handspring visor neo manual:

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