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IDECT Manual & Troubleshooting Guide

It can be very frustrating when your solar lhts stop working; here are a few helpful tips to get them up and working again. I have Ni Cad (Nickel Cadmium) batteries in my solar lhts, can I replace them with Ni MH (Nickel Metal Hydride)? Yes you can replace your old solar lht Ni Cad batteries with rechargeable Ni MH solar lht batteries which are best batteries for solar lhts.


You just need to check that they are 1.2V (1.2Volts) and try to match the m Ah fure on the battery as closely as possible. How can I check that it is the battery which is not working in my solar lhts, before I replace the batteries? If your solar lhts have stopped working firstly check that the bulb or LED's are working by placing a non-rechargeable battery in the solar lht, place it in the dark to activate the senor on the lht - if the lht works then you should replace the rechargeable solar lht batteries. How do I make sure I get the correct replacement batteries for my solar lhts? Using the information on your old solar lht battery, first check the size, capacity the m AH or power the battery has, then select the nearest to the batteries we have listed.

Replacement Binatone <strong>iDect</strong> phone batteries - NiMH and Li-Ion

Replacement Binatone iDect phone batteries - NiMH and Li-Ion

As an example you may have a Ni Cad AA 1.2 V 600 m Ah battery then you should replace it with the Ni MH AA 1.2V 600 m Ah batteries. Is it a good idea to charge the new batteries in a battery charger before putting them in my solar lhts? All new batteries come with different amounts of charge in them some can be completely flat so yes they would benefit from a charge in a battery charger.

Notice IDECT M1, mode d'emploi - notice M1

However do not worry if you do not have a charger just put them in the solar lhts and once they get some sun they will start to charge.

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