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Its unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system.

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Verify that the wheel RPM's are in the correct range and adjust the thrust jet.

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Polaris 280 Pressure Pool Cleaner -

If the cleaner isn't climbing well then ensure the thrust jet is in the 11 o'clock position. Check the filter screen in the Quick Disconnect and clean, if necessary.2. Verify that feed hose reaches within 6" of the farthest point of the pool.

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If it is going in circles then angle the thrust jet so it is pointing opposite of the way the cleaner is turning. If more than 32 RPM, unscrew the pressure relief valve to decrease water flow to cleaner.2. Clean the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter.3. Adjust the speed of the sweep hose by tightening the adjustment screw.2. If not, order a new hose section from your Polaris dealer.2.

Polaris pool cleaner manual:

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