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NV-DS28 and am trying to se if i can run it as a we cam. I have a panasonic nv-gs15 and I didnt manage to install its webcam driver. Hi I also have a panasonic nv-gs15, but running Windows 2000. I think you cant find any driver for win 2000 I use xp and I have service pack 1 but I couldt even work it I dont know what to do Panasonic PV-GS12 Windows 2000 Pro I have been looking EVERYWHERE...

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It is connected to my pc via a firewire and for all intents and purposes works for anything but a web cam. it seems there is no problem during the installation but windows xp home edition doesnt accept it. The webcam driver is suppose to work on win XP service pack 1, does anyone know where to find a webcam driver for windows 2000 workstation. :-(hi frustrated you are looking for a webcam driver for windows 2000 but nv-gs webcam doesn't work win. the advice in the second reply worked for me with a firewire connection and through Yahoo IM.

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Sony Dcr-sr42 Manual -

Just thought I would offer my comment in return for the great advice... Hi, I have a Sharp VL-SD20U Mini DV dital camcorder (the model is about 3-4 years old) that I would like to use as a webcam on my computer.

Sony Dcr-sr45 Handycam Handbook

The camcorder has both a firewire (IEEE-1394) and an S-video connector.

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