1999 corvette manual transmission fluid

Finally changed my transmission fluid

Engine oils now range in the 0W30 viscosity range, in stark contrast to 20W50 oils used in earlier generations.

C5 Corvette C5 Corvette

You can use 20W50 engine oil in Corvette engines BUILT BEFORE 1996 without engine damage, although it wastes fuel and it costs horsepower.

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Corvette Fluids and Performance

There used to be a time when the underhood fluids were checked every time the fuel tank was filled. We jump in our cars and expect maximum performance and minimal maintenance, with no concern for the extremes the lubricants face.

What fluid to used in your manual

For this very reason, GM decided that making a low oil level warning system standard in 1991 was worth the cost.

1999 corvette manual transmission fluid:

Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates