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The service interval is usually every thirty thousand miles.

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This maintenance will dramatically increase the life of your transmission.

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On a manual you must get under the back of the car and remove the fill plug located on the drivers side of the transmission about half way up. Here is a good technical site for procedures on both transmissions. What needs to be done is to have the car elevated and level. DO NOT TURN THR ENGINE OFF WITH THE FILL PLUG REMOVED.

Where is the Transmission Dipstick on a 1999 Corvette?

If fluid runs out or if you can get fluid on your finger using it as a dipstick then it is full. I changed my fluid to synthetic and got improved shifter feel at thirty thousand miles but it isn't necessary to change it. With the transmission throughly warmed and ENGINR RUNNING remove the fill plug on the drivers side rear of the tranny pan. If you want to change the fluid then you must remove the fluid and the pan.

1999 corvette manual transmission fluid:

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