Motorola ve465 user manual


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Thomas -

Just got the Moto VE 465 under a special deal by MTS where you sign a 3 year contract and get the phone for free PLUS you don't pay the monthly charge. In the phone itself there are very few choices in each of the settings so you can't adjust much, and finding the command you want in the menu is a nightmare.

Thomas -

NA VE465 English/Spanish User Guide - Motorola

The manual is a joke - no trouble shooting section and not user friendly.

Motorola devices DeviceAtlas

Worst of all, the interior display went blank after only 1 week, and had to google how to fix it (you have to tap the screen, ridiculous that this isn't in the manual).

Motorola ve465 user manual:

Rating: 91 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates