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Never mind that recent events appear to have proven that once again Sega put too much trust in Game Guard protecting their game, rather than making the effort to secure the game themselves.

Gameguard error 380 - Microsoft Community

As Sakai seems to be currently intent on spinning this into a problem that’s being caused by foreigners rather than their own ineptitudes I wonder how long before he mentions us again.

Download <i>nProtect</i> <i>GameGuard</i> Personal free - latest version

Download nProtect GameGuard Personal free - latest version

Following the trend of modern game developments, namely the fact almost every modern game released nowadays is designed to be played online, or at least includes online multiplayer support.

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Furthermore, it’s also an anti-cheating solution for popular MMORPGs, with the latter standing for massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

Nprotect gameguard manual update:

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